Chapter 986


“So what if you’re a god’s avatar? You shall fall!” On the shoulder of the giant frost sprite, Lillian was like a goddess of snow. A layer of ice covered Malar’s feet, planting him firmly on the ground as an icy meteorite hundreds of tons in weight broke through the skies to land on the avatar.

“What the hell. Is this woman crazy? This attack will also affect us…” In the face of such earth-shattering strength, Leylin was forced backwards. Even Alegor in his dragon form flapped his wings with as much strength as he could muster to keep a distance.

“You mortals profane gods…” Malar’s avatar transmitted spiritual undulations in the face of the meteorite. Yet, it crashed down before he could finish speaking, and his words were drowned out.

*Rumble!* A magnitude ten earthquake erupted abruptly, shaking the land and causing dust to form a terrifying mushroom cloud in the...

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