Chapter 985

Ice Age

A phantom dragon appeared, roaring out with legendary might. Leylin had ignited the red dragon’s soul without a single thought to the consequences, conferring unimaginable power to the dragon. A mighty draconic aura almost fully materialised, and dazzling crimson light dyed the skies red.

*Boom!* A river of magma flowed into Leylin’s position, with Malar’s towering avatar at the centre. Having borne the brunt of a legendary attack, his skin was now charred. It was the first injury he’d sustained today.

Leylin’s figure appeared beside a tree across him. The dragonscale armour had three long gashes in its breastplate, inflicted by Malar’s attack.

“Damn it, isn’t it ready yet?” Just as Leylin began to curse, the pleasant voice of the A.I. Chip finally rang out. [Beep! All preparations have been completed, epic spell formation activated.]

Golden threads...

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