Chapter 981


“This is the necromancer, Mallister! He is a powerful death wizard who gained fame 1200 years ago, and has already entered the ranks of a high-ranked legend. It’s even said that he’s on equal grounds with the lich, Ilyo…”

Lilian introduced him to Leylin, looking astonished, “While that was a slight probe, Wizard Leylin being able to take on the attack so easily means he must have quite a number of secrets…”

“Alright! Since everyone’s here, let’s begin.”

Mallister urged, sounding enthusiastic. The great desire in his tone shocked Leylin slightly.

As Leylin was right now, he had become more sensitive to emotional force. From the excitement of this old wizard coupled with the situation in the north, it was evident that they had huge plans.

“The reason we’re gathered here is obviously for the eternity that gods have…”

Lilian spoke softly, sounding just as eager.

Even if they were necromancers, Legends like them who did not turn into liches or spirits could only live for at...

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