Chapter 980

Secret Meeting

Leylin sighed inside. A member of the clergy guided him to the back of the church.

Golden sunlight streamed into the room through the windows, showing the motes of dust in the air. Furniture and all other decorations were simple, as was customary in the church of justice.

“If you have any needs, please press the doorbell here. We will await any orders… Also, the meeting with the other lords will be after dinner. Paladin Rafiniya will arrive very soon.” The servant that had brought Leylin in withdrew and closed the door.

Rafiniya came quickly. After all, Leylin was a legendary, and it was necessary to show him the required respect. Unfortunately for such a moronic paladin, Leylin had no common topic to discuss with her.

After enjoying a simple dinner, Leylin was guided to a small drawing room. A few masters with powerful auras were lying in wait.

‘Are these the other legendaries?’ Leylin nodded and headed insid...

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