Chapter 978


Although she knew her husband was hiding something from her, Tiff’s mistress still listened to him. Tiff had great power backing him, which caused her to feel slightly afraid.

With the ability to forcefully snatch something from the northern nobility, he wasn’t someone she could spy on.

“Let’s go to the village office!” After she left, Tiff brought his soldiers to a building near to the village.

This was the village office, the building Tiff provided for public use. He could take orphans in here, many of which were refugees. It made him look like a benevolent man.

These kids were so young they couldn’t work, and they were destined to die of hunger quickly. Usually, nobody outside of the churches would take them in, and the disaster in the north had created an uncountable number of them. The few churches alone wouldn’t be able to take them all in.

A black-robed person with a silver mask was standing in front of the village office’s wooden door. The moment he saw this person, he greeted...

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