Chapter 977

Back to The North

Leylin observed the trace conscient of a peak rank 8 existence. “Your goal is to revive yourself, right? What does that have to do with the Weave?”

“There are three layers to the Weave. The outermost layer is the channel for all spell slots. The inner Weave is a network of faith and divine force for the gods. Lastly, there’s the core, which is the ultimate seal where the gods have sealed conscients like me inside. That’s also the largest hindrance to us reviving…”

Distorted Shadow sent a spiritual undulation.

“Seal at the core? Conscient fragments? So that’s what’s at the heart of the Weave…”

Leylin’s eyes narrowed, “In that case, there should be many other conscients sealed inside…”



After goodness knew how long, Distorted Shadow automatically dissipated, and the beast hide spell scroll also completely vanished.

This was just a dead conscient, and after showing himself, he could not maintain himself for long.

The seal on the floating city was released, and Leylin sank into deep thought, “Revival?...

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