Chapter 976

Distorted Shadow

“Great!” Leylin clapped and removed the restraints on Ilyo. “Since you’ve chosen to be subservient to me, then we’re on the same side. There’s no need for a contract or anything like that…”

That’s what Leylin had said, but he nonchalantly kept the phylactery into his dimensional pouch under the desolate gaze of the lich.

Compared to any promises, this was the ultimate restraint! With the phylactery, Leylin had plenty of ways to make Ilyo wish he were dead. He knew full well that Ilyo would never dare betray him.

On the other hand, if he were to just give the phylactery back to Ilyo, it was unclear what would happen.

“I will give you part of grade 2 control over the floating city. From hereon, you’ll focus on maintaining the arcane gardens and the golems. Shaylin will transfer the information to you soon…”

Leylin waved his hands.

Since Ilyo was now his subordinate, it was natural that he use the lich as much as possible....

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