Chapter 975


“Is that right....” Leylin spoke blandly, leaving Ilyo unamused.

Leylin had been of good mind to take him under his wing. After all, this was a legendary expert who could fight many experts at once! He was a treasure trove of knowledge, and a talent in the research of spell models.

Most importantly, he was aligned evil, so there was a possibility of him aiding Leylin.

“Alright… I’ll admit that you are very strong, but so what? As long as you’re unable to find my phylactery,the most you can do is kill me…”

Ilyo put on a front like a dead pig who was unafraid of boiling water.

“Nope! I can choose to seal you for eternity and prevent you from committing suicide and therefore, resurrecting.”

Leylin’s shoes stepped on the crystal skull. Ilyo immediately discovered that his connection with the weave had been completely disconnected. He could not even kill himself now.

“Wait a minute…”

Under such extreme...

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