Chapter 974


Leylin knew the principle of equal exchange. However, seeing some of the tricks Distorted Shadow had pulled on the sly, he was left in a bad mood.

At this moment, he decided to vent all of his anger on the intruders. The teleportation light shone, and Leylin’s body vanished. As for the intruders in the different parts of the floating city, they were about to meet their maker!


It was a complete mess at the arcane field.

The metal golem’s head was missing a huge chunk, and the right arm was ripped off. As for the energy core, it stopped functioning completely.

Even though it stood still, but that malevolent and dangerous feeling still radiated from its body, striking fear into the hearts of others.

“Pant...Pant... Thank you!” The legendary paladin half knelt on the ground in the middle of a pool of blood. He was grievously injured.

“Cough...Cough… Saving someone from dying and banishing evil… Cough...

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