Chapter 973


“Arcanist civilisation must never be allowed to be revived. That is the bottom line!” Mystra announced first. The many gods who had gathered revealed a tacit understanding.

While they were confident that their avatars could enter the floating city, they were still afraid of the enemy. Who knew if there were traps specifically meant for gods, left behind by the Great Arcanist in the city?

“It’s not advisable to go against it for too long. How about we…” However, just as Oghma broke the silence, an astounding change happened in the city.

Dazzling rays enveloped the city and teleportation rays filled the area, causing it to seem translucent.

“Dimensional leap? No, it’s a random teleportation. Stop it!” The many gods quickly made their moves, using powerful divine force to form a golden sealing web. However, they were too late. The floating city completely vanished, leaving behind gods exchanging gazes.



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