Chapter 972


“This is your current location!” The fairy showed Leylin a map, indicating his current position within the floating city.

“You must compete with the other qualified person. The first to reach the power room will obtain the authority over the Mise energy core. That will allow you to take control of the floating city and get control over the core…”

The fairy’s bright eyes were trained on Leylin, voice robotic, “Please take note. Master has set up various hindrances along the way, and… Because I do not have enough power, a few invaders have entered the floating city…”

Scenes flashed and separated into smaller squares, allowing Leylin to see the skeleton lich, legendary paladin, monks and other people.

“Have a few worms snuck in as well? With the floating city’s own defensive strength, there should be a few specific methods or gods acting in the shadows that allowed them to break through the outer defences of the...

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