Chapter 970


This was a lich! They had reached the pinnacle of necromancy, abandoning their bodies and splitting their souls to obtain some degree of immortality. Some extremely powerful liches were even strong enough to face gods!

The skeleton lich Ilyo was someone Leylin had heard of before. Rumour had it that an accidental leakage from one of his soul experiments had contaminated and killed half a kingdom. The paladins had put him on their wanted list, and he was an extremely vile existence that had to be wiped out at all costs.

‘Not all legendary necromancers are liches, but all liches are legendary necromancers… His actions mark him as a high-ranked legendary, above rank 25…’ Leylin immediately decided that the lich as the biggest threat to his operation.

Evida looked around, suddenly asking, “The Dead Sea scrolls passed down by our church indicate that the floating...

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