Chapter 969


“What… What happened? Allerie...she…” The assassin stared blankly ahead.

“What a venomous spell, is it a curse-type magic or a poison element spell?” Rogero squatted by the pool of pus, his expression very grave. “It was ended decisively the moment I discovered a trail… The killer is extremely cunning and cold-blooded, a worthy opponent.”

The other members only realised what had happened now. Awar, in particular, knelt down on the ground, seeming to have a mental breakdown. “Allerie! Allerie!”

The assassin sighed as he looked at the scene. He’d long since known that Awar had feelings for Allerie, but the wizard had only set her sights on the strong. It had left him feeling rather dejected.

Now, the two of them would never be together.

“Is it a venomous curse by the desert tribes?” the assassin asked, looking at the lack of a corpse in the...

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