Chapter 968

Desert Tribe

A gruesome massacre unfolded by the oasis. A group of men in strange clothing attacked the adventurers from camelback. They wore the trademark attire of the desert people, loose white robes with a scarf wrapped thickly around their heads to reveal nothing but a pair of wolf-like eyes.

Their leader whistled, and the men encircled the adventurers. Some of them drew their bows.

The expressions of these adventurers turned worse. They were already at a numerical disadvantage, and now high-grade equipment was being used against them.

“What are they saying?” Allerie asked the assassin after casting a few defensive spells on herself.

“They say we’ve intruded on their lands, and they will use our blood and lives to wash away our sins…” the leader explained in a hurry, his face dark. “We’re in deep trouble. This is a desert tribe, the western desert is...

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