Chapter 966


The streets were bustling with life, starkly contrasted by the sorrowful cries of a young girl. The bystanders dissipated quickly, death something they’d seen all too often in the desert. They were all in a hurry to strike it rich, so who would care for something like this? A few thugs even eyed the coin pouch in front of the girl.

They were also looking at her person. Even though she was very young, beauty shone through her crying face. There would probably be many people who’d want someone like her. Selling her to child traffickers would be profitable.

‘Interesting… How will things progress from here?’ Leylin watched on with his arms in front of his chest, apathetic like a god up above. He wouldn’t be moved by the lives of these individuals.

His focus suddenly shifted in another direction, at a monk that headed over slowly. He had a pugilistic...

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