Chapter 965


‘My luck is still pretty good. A guide appeared of their own accord…’ Leylin glanced at the white-robed swordsman and his group, a hint of blue shining in his eyes before he left immediately.

The wizard of the group watched their swordsman freeze. She asked with surprise, “What is it?”

“Nothing much. Something felt off for a moment.” The swordsman looked slightly baffled, his right hand on his scabbard as he took a look around. He sat down once more, looking puzzled.

He’d felt a chill up his spine that moment, as if death was right before him. However, that sense of danger had disappeared before he could take stock of the situation.

“You’re being paranoid. We can’t leak news of our mission…” A black-robed person spoke in a low voice.

“Perhaps that’s it,” he said as he sat down. His hand was still on his scimitar, though, and his frown didn’t dissip...

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