Chapter 963

Plea For Help

At the thought of the task that the church had entrusted to her, Rafiniya suppressed her emotions and forced a smile. “This is pretty good! The captain mentioned it before in the north…”

‘Not bad. It looks like you’ve matured a little after entering the church, though it’s a pity that it’s not much use.’ Sensing her emotions, Leylin snickered inside. ‘Unfortunately, She’s far too naive.’

“Right, I still don’t know what happened to you…” Leylin now held a cup of hot tea like a child wanting to hear a story.

“Once we separated, I returned to Silverymoon and met Her Highness. Then, I took part in the city’s final defense…” Rafiniya laughed wryly, eyes glazed over as she immersed herself in her memories, “... Well, that’s what happened. That paladin saved me, and after I recovered, I joined the God of Justice’s church and have been...

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