Chapter 960

Great Waves

“I already contacted him via magic. He should come out immediately…” Xena stood behind Jeffries, looking puzzled, “With my lord’s status, is there a need to stand on ceremony?”

However, Jeffries had no intentions of explaining himself. On the contrary, he stood even taller, like a pike that could pierce through the heavens, eyes fixed on the main entrance of the wizard tower.

“He’s here!” Jeffries exclaimed softly.

*Rumble!* The main entrance opened to reveal Leylin, looking apologetic in his golden-purple wizard robes, “I never thought Lord Jeffries would come himself…”

‘Hmm? Why does it feel like Leylin has changed…’ Xena sized up the young wizard in front of her, bewildered. While he looked just as young and handsome as before, she had a feeling that he had undergone a huge transformation.

‘It’s his aura! He’s giving me the feeling...

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