Chapter 96

Slaying The Two Acolytes

* Peng! *

Saurun’s head, an unresigned expression upon the face, flew several metres far in the air, and finally fell to the ground. His both eyes were opened wide; he was no longer able to close them.

His headless corpse was still kneeling in front of Leylin and blood poured out from it continuously.

The corpse’s left hand was still extended — it was his misfortune that it was blocked by grey radiant armour, a few inches away from Leylin’s body.

“With the defense of the Fallen Star Pendant, I don’t have to fear most of the acolytes’ attacks. Along with the frost runes’ enhancement of a greatsword, combined with my Knight’s abilities, it is one of the top strengths amongst acolytes!”

Leylin was very satisfied with this battle’s outcome.

Saurun was only an acolyte who was slightly less inferior than Torash. When Leylin, however, used his techniques, he could not withstand even a few rounds before being completely defeated, even with his head being chopped off.

“It’s your turn now!” Leylin kicked Saurun’s corpse away and charged towards the female blond acolyte.

“It’s completed!”

At the same time, the female blond acolyte exhaled, as if shouldering a huge burden.

A bright red flower unfolded its petals and revealed a green rock the size of a fist. It had a dazzling gleam, with the female blond acolyte’s fresh blood that was sprayed on it. There was also a broken half of a dagger, which was thrown on the floor.

These 3 items faintly resembled a triangular formation, with many greyish power runes surrounding them.

As Leylin’s charged forward fiercely, the female blond acolyte smirked and pointed at Leylin, “By the name of Memphis Rofar Maginent, of the Gigantic Binding Sprite from the abyss, the person that I point to will lose all ability of motion!”

* Weng Weng! *

Light began to shine from the triangular formation, and Leylin suddenly felt a huge binding strength engulfing him, which made him rooted to the spot.

“A spell like this? A human customised spell?”

Leylin continuously writhed and the sounds of shackles sounded from the void.

“There is no cause for you to resist further. These are the chains of the Gigantic Binding Abyss Sprite. No matter how many of them you break, the remaining amount would not only regrow, but the binding power will also be doubled!”

As the female acolyte spoke, Leylin felt the chain getting tighter and tighter around his body.

* Chi! * The silver glow from the Fallen Star Pendant continuously clashed against strength from the void, time to time producing white mist.

“You despicable maggot, the shameless murderer, you dared to killed the acolytes from two of our great academies, so I will grant you death to redeem your sins!”

The thrill of revenge and smugness filled the face of the female acolyte. The muscles on her face contorted, turning the once-beautiful face into an extremely loathsome one.

“You dared to kill Saurun; I will make you pay the price of blood!”

The female acolyte pointed at Leylin, “Strength deprivation!”

As she spoke, Leylin felt the strength in his body dispersing. In an instant, it was as if he changed from a Knight into a regular human infant.

“This feeling, have I been cursed?”

Leylin continuously struggled, “Such a measly curse, how can it make me bow my head!”

“It all has ended!” The female acolyte chanted in an incantation, “Flames of the abyss, cremate this sinner into ashes!”

As soon as the Byron language incantation had been uttered, a black fire suddenly blazed from below Leylin’s body.

The flame continuously spread, engulfing Leylin’s whole body in an instant.

* Peng! * The frost greatsword on Leylin’s hands fell onto the floor. The icy shards shattered and broke into many pieces. Finally, even the refined metal blade of the cross blade melted under the black red flames, turning into a puddle of liquid metal.

* Chi Chi! *

The grey armour on Leylin’s body started to give in, and the A.I. Chip wildly flashed its alert in front of Leylin’s eyes, [Warning! Warning! The energy from the Fallen Star Pendant is rapidly decreasing. Currently left with: 45%. Estimated to be fully depleted in 34 seconds!]

“Ignore it and release all the energy within the Fallen Star Pendant in one go!” Leylin ordered.

“Weng Weng!” In that moment, the silver-grey light increased its radiance by a dozen times. Behind his back, there was an indistinct huge cross phantom. On the upper area of the phantom cross, a few jewels continuously gave off multi-coloured light as a wave of energy extended to Leylin’s limbs.

“Break...for me!”

Leylin struggled with all his might, and suddenly, crackling and rattling sounds could he heard from his body, and the countless black-rune-inscribed chains became visible and broke from all the struggling done by Leylin. They then fell to the ground and vanished.

“It’s your turn now, you disgusting whore!”

Leylin’s figure flew like a gust of wind and appeared directly in front of the female acolyte.

“Im...Impossible, how did you manage to counter it?” shrieked the female blonde acolyte and she pointed her finger at Leylin. Then several basin- sized fireballs directly struck Leylin’s body.

* Boom! * The flames exploded, burning with the previous black fire, as it extinguished very soon.

Behind the silver grey transparent armour, Leylin was unscathed.

“No! No!” The female acolyte fell onto the ground and crawled backwards.

Leylin kicked the green rock and dagger on the ground, breaking the spell formation.

Two streams of red fluid trickled down from the female acolyte’s nose, even her tears were falling.

“No! Don’t kill me! My mentor is….”

The female acolyte snivelled continuously as she crawled and spoke.

“I don’t care who you are!” Leylin’s expression appeared indifferent as he embraced this blonde woman.

The Fallen Star Pendant kept defending his body from the abyss black fire that was still burning on his body, but this female acolyte obviously did not have a similar layer of defense. Upon being the barbecued by the flames, she gave an ear-piercing shriek.

* Sssii! * The flesh of the girl dropped, chunk by chunk, onto the floor, turning into a pile of charred mess.

Finally, the originally beautiful female acolyte turned into a blood red skeleton. Moreover, the set of bones slowly melted, turning into a white liquid which dripped onto the floor

Leylin grimaced and with his hand, he swept away the remainder of the white bone liquid that were on him.

After which, as if he were changing his clothes, he ‘took off’ the grey armour.

As for the black red abyss flame on the grey armour, it was also removed.

“In the legends and tales told by the bards, the abyss fire is something which can burn the void. An existence that all children of the earth cannot resist! This is most likely just a projection of the true abyss fire— it does not have even one zillionth of the original’s might. If not, I would have long turned into ashes!”

Leylin thought for a while, before returning to the original place. He then recorded all of the ingredients and the spell formation that the female acolyte used before roaming the battlefield to collect his spoils of war.

* Peng! * The unconscious Jayden was tossed before Bicky.

Although the battle earlier was extremely intense, the time that had passed was extremely short — so much so that Bicky was still in shock.

“Hurry and leave this place. The energy waves from earlier would attract many acolytes over. If you don't wish to die, hurry and leave now!”

Leylin cleared his throat and looked at Bicky who nodded her head before he left the place.

Looking at the back of Leylin, Bicky’s expression was extremely complicated.

This person was here to save her. Moreover, the strength that he possessed was far above that which Bicky could imagine.

Lightning Wielder, Silver Claw, they were all impressive and notable acolytes from the opposing academies. However in front of that person earlier, they were as weak as a sponge when they pleaded and was slaughtered mercilessly.

“But. . . exactly who is he?”

Bicky blinked her eyes. Merlin, Leylin, Fayle and the others, all of the acolytes’ images flashed past from her memory, yet she felt helpless as there was no such person in all of the acolytes that she recalled that resembled her savior.

However, her instincts told her that she definitely knew this person and that they had an extremely intimate relationship!

“Magi are reputed for their rationality. Such a thing like instinct will lower our judgement. Everything has to be proved beyond refutation….”

The sayings of an elder surfaced in her mind.

Bicky’s expression was seemingly vacant as she gritted her teeth and poured a potion on Jayden’s face, before she,too, left that place.

Although Jayden was Molly’s idol, she was now dead. Naturally Bicky wouldn't risk anymore for Jayden.

Minutes later, Jayden opened his eyes and got up.

“What happened to me? Where is Torash?”

Jayden was at a loss, before the colours on his face changed. Touching his chest, he felt for the magic artifact which was still resting in his arms. Moreover, when he ensured that his sack was present, only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

“This is the aftermath of an intense battle! Who is it that saved me?”

Jayden scratched his forehead, before thinking of a girl’s figure who had dashed towards him, “Was it Molly? Such a terrifying battle, I wonder how she is….”

“Here!” Footsteps sounds drew closer and very soon 2 acolytes appeared within Jayden’s vision.

“An acolyte from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy! Kill him!”

After seeing Jayden, the two acolytes let off an excited howl and began to prepare their rank 0 spells.

Jayden sighed, before bringing out his magic artifact once again...

Leylin was, by now, dozens of miles away from this battlefield. He was settled in a cave, checking his spoils.

Those 3 acolytes were well known for their strengths. Furthermore, the ingredients and magic crystals that they carried with them were plentiful. They gave Leylin a total of tens of thousands of magic crystals and other valuable resources.

Leylin felt the surface of a black red diary cover, and he exclaimed in glee, “This aura is rather similar to the female acolyte’s abyss fire!”

Leylin flipped open the diary and a mysterious rune appeared, “A.I. Chip, compare to database!”

[Beep! Mission establishing, comparison in progress! Similarity level to Abyss script: 98.7%, Purgatory script: 45.3%....]

“Abyss script?” Leylin had a headache. Characters and knowledge from these mysterious planes were top-secrets and the knowledge was not passed around. He only managed to understand a few runes from derelict pages of a book in the library and stored them into the A.I. Chip database.

“No matter what, it is a good spoil!”

Satisfied, Leylin kept the black red diary in his possession.

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