Chapter 959


“Understood. I’ll have it done immediately!” Xena lowered her head to show respect, while she sighed on the inside. ‘They’ve even sent this lord over. Looks like the church thinks very highly of Baron Leylin…’

She could tell the favour the church had for this baron. After all, he’d created two great sources of revenue and improved their methods of detecting demons and devils. She hadn’t had much hope with her proposal, but the fact that they’d immediately sent over the legendary Spear Crusader showed his value!

‘It’s not just his talent, but also the possibility of him becoming a legendary.’ Only a future legendary was worthy of the church’s investment. Thinking of this, Xena couldn’t help but envy Leylin.

“I heard that he’s created many magic items to detect devils, and even our church can’t make sense of them. That wizard has left us all pleasant surprised…” While he was annoyed at being dispatched so urgently to deal...

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