Chapter 958

Spear Crusader

The tranquility of dawn was broken by an ear-piercing scream. With two buckets by her side, the innkeeper looked at a lifeless youth on the bed. This boy, who’d made her heart flutter yesterday, had now lost all traces of life.

“No external injuries nor any traces of spells. His identity certificate is forged…” The public security officer felt a headache coming on as he hurried over to inspect the scene. His many years of experience had told him that this case was going to be very troublesome.

“Can it be some acute illness?” The public security officer spoke in an imposing manner to mask the nervousness that he felt.

“Find a priest to come and pray over him, then send the corpse to the burial mound…” Seeing this officer unwilling to let things get out of hand, the plump lady didn’t hesitate to agree.

They downplayed this death through various procedures, and finally invited someone to bless the burial. However, this person...

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