Chapter 957


“Something seems off…” Soros raised his right hand as he stared into the aggrieved eyes of the incapacitated young wizard. Still, his sense of touch and various detection techniques confirmed that he was already dead.

However, even Soros had to admit that this wizard was extremely talented. He’d become a near-legendary at such a young age, possessing a powerful dragon bloodline. His battle might was already greater than that of some rank 20s.

“You were a genius… It’s a pity, mortals should never provoke god…” Soros seemed to lament in pity as he gently closed the eyes of the wizard.

At this moment, multiple figures from Port Venus had already discovered that something was amiss. They ran over, while some high-ranking priests chose to fly there directly.

“The Goddess of Wealth’s church huh…” Soros shook his head in disdain, but did not choose to engage. He disappeared without a trace.


Within the God of Murder’s church,...

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