Chapter 955


“Legendary?” Unexpectedly, Leylin did not panic at all after hearing the news. He instead asked with interest, “Please tell me what you know. We have our deal on sharing information.”

Xena rolled her eyes at him. “Cadaver Collector Soros is the honorary executioner of Cyric’s church. He likes to torture his target’s mind, causing them to crumble and commit suicide before he takes their body. He shot to fame 281 years ago…”

She spoke as if she was making a report, expressionlessly introducing this person generally. Still, she couldn’t keep up the facade and ended up staring at Leylin.

“Lord Leylin! You’re still young and possess such astounding talent. It isn’t a mere dream to become a legendary, but you need to accept reality. Pledge to join Goddess Waukeen’s church and hide in the mainland. Our goddess will shield you…”

Xena was sure...

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