Chapter 954

Nightmare Form

What Leylin saw in his reflection did not put him at ease. He instead grew even more grim, “Is this an evolution of the truesoul?”

He touched his forehead, and all of a sudden he felt an intense pain that caused him to close his eyes. The next time he opened them, he found a red streak at the middle of it.

*Whoosh!* Water droplets dispersed to reveal Leylin’s serious expression.

“The physique to absorb the energy from nightmares… from a bloodline?” Leylin rubbed at his forehead, now at a loss...


“A.I. Chip, check my bloodline!”

All sorts of scanning runes were activated within the wizard tower, and scanning light immediately gathered upon Leylin’s body. He was back on Faulen Island.

He’d met up with Isabel for a bit at Pirates’ Cove. He’d decided on the next path for the Scarlet Tigers, and was then at ease to solve his own issues.

He’d already given control of the tower to the A.I. Chip. He was using its power...

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