Chapter 952


Leylin had a critical decision to make. At one end was heaven, and the other hell. He could enter the third layer of the island to find the legacy of the Nightmare King. On the other hand, the consequences could be dire for entering the hidden memories.

Of course, Leylin was unsure of the way this king thought. Perhaps he wanted to share his memories with other Magi, and wanted to slaughter those who wanted to get the legacy.

‘Most importantly… all detection methods are useless. I have no idea what’s at the end of the paths…’ Leylin’s scalp began to tingle.

He was a fairly conservative person. While he’d braved many dangers, he only did things when he had a 70-80% assurance of success. This half and half situation caused him to hesitate.

“I hate things that are so difficult to grasp like luck. It kills me…” Leylin complained. His luck was average, but he hated having to...

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