Chapter 95

1 Versus 2

Hearing Bicky’s accusation, Leylin only rubbed his nose, without saying anything.

Meanwhile, he was rejoicing from the bottom of his heart. He was fortunate that he had altered his appearance beforehand, if not, it would have been hard to face Bicky.

However, he could only do this much.

Leylin came and stood next to the large pit formed by the explosion, and a round badge fell near his foot. The originally bright and beautiful badge was now covered with dust and it also had some residual flesh upon it.

“Just from a look, it seems that this acolyte must be a genius in his academy! His badge, at the very least, would be worth 50 contribution points!”

Leylin was still contemplating the badge lying beside his feet, with some hesitation.

Now, this badge was under his foot; if he stooped down, he could then get it into his hand.

With it, Leylin’s contribution points would be enough to exchange for one portion of Grine Water when the bloodbath was over.

He heard about the information regarding advancement into an official Magus from the vengeful spirit Roman and was rather hesitant in using such a method to breakthrough. However, the Grine Water was extremely valuable, and even if he did not use it, obtaining it and using the A.I. Chip to research on its composition was also a good idea.

However, the badges of a few extraordinary acolytes from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy and the opposing academies have been specially marked. As long as Leylin handed over the badge, it would be equivalent to admitting that he was the murderer of Torash!

Leylin would never forget that there is a professor standing behind Torash!

“Maybe, giving this badge to Jayden or Merlin is a good idea!”

Leylin stepped on the badge below his feet and smiled.

He had had a quick look earlier; Jayden had been knocked out at the border of the battlefield. Although he seemed to be in a miserable state, he managed to preserve his life, and there did not seem to be any life-threatening injuries.

“However, there are still two worms that I have to deal with!”

Leylin looked at the shrubbery at the side and suddenly flung two fiery red explosive potions at it.

* Boom! * The two test tubes collided in midair, creating a large flame which seemed to blanket over the shrubbery.

* Xiu Xiu! * In the moment when the flame engulfed the shrubbery, two black figures flew out from it, landing on an empty patch of ground.

Silver-Claw Saurun and another blonde acolyte looked at the pit where Torash self-destructed, their expressions grim.

“Torash, that lightning wielder, actually died by this fellow’s hands. Oh god, this fellow is a monster!”

Saurun looked at the expressionless Leylin, his heart roaring wildly. Lightning wielder Torash, that was a monster whose reputation was not beneath that of his silver claw! Yet today he actually died by Leylin’s hands, so what kind of strength did Leylin wield?

“If I knew he was that powerful, I wouldn’t be this foolish to chase after him!”

At this moment, the feeling of regret slowly engulfed Saurun’s heart.

“What should be done?” The blonde female acolyte looked at Saurun and cursed him inwardly when she saw that he was already of a mind to retreat.

“What else? We have to see if the opponent will let us go!”

Saurun waved his hands and bowed slightly to Leylin. “Respected acolyte who hails from Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, your strength has convinced me, and I, Saurun, will never hold any ill intents towards you in future….”

Towards Saurun’s gesture of succumbing, the female blond acolyte pursed her lips but never spoke a word.

After seeing Leylin’s might and brutality, even she was somewhat afraid!

As for the revenge of his fellow acolytes? Although the death rate of Whitewoods Castle and Sage Gotham’s Hut was not as high as Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, but there were a few unlucky ones dying each month.

If Saurun and the blonde acolyte were to avenge every dead fellow acolyte, then they would definitely have to first massacre the acolytes within their academy.

The reason for following Leylin before was because they thought of him as a prey, and was prepared to play a good game with him.

But now, Leylin’s ability had far exceeded their expectations, and his actions were extremely meticulous, yet brutal, which made them rather fearful of him.

“Is that so?”

Leylin did not agree nor deny, and kept the black bow in his hands. He also picked up the cross blade which he had thrown on the ground earlier.

“A pity! You should not have followed me!”

Leylin growled softly, at the same time chanting an incantation, and gave his cross blade a smear with his hand.

* Sssii! * The temperature suddenly dropped by a few degrees, and the frost continued to spread on the sword. In an instant, Leylin’s cross blade turned into a transparent icy greatsword.

He managed to obtain this set of frost alchemy runes from the corpse of the half beastman previously, who was the close associate of Extreme Night City Lord. After storing it into the A.I. Chip, he also did an analysis on it.

At this moment, under the effect of the frost alchemy runes, the effect of the icy greatsword did not pale in comparison to a low-grade magic artifact!

“Light of the fallen!” After brandishing his greatsword in satisfaction, Leylin activated another magic artifact on his body.

* Peng! * A streak of an illusory glow was emitted from the Fallen Star Pendant, which engulfed Leylin’s whole body. The silver-grey light slowly transformed into illusory armour, which protected Leylin.

At this moment, Leylin, in his silver armour of light, with a transparent greatsword, looked just like a Knight from the fables!

The A.I. Chip’s reminder continuously sounded in Leylin’s head, [Under the effect of the frost runes, estimated degree of attack with the cross blade is 3 to 5, also carrying the side effect of an ice attack! The entire defense in the Fallen Star Pendant is activated, energy consumed is depleting, estimated to be fully depleted in 15 minutes!]

“We have no choice but to fight!”

Saurun and the other female acolyte looked at each other in the eye and saw the viciousness reflected in their expressions.

From Leylin’s performance, it was clear that he was not inclined to let them go, so no matter how they pleaded it would be meaningless.

Moreover, they were also geniuses with their own pride. They may not fare better in a 1-on-1 fight against Torash, but in a 2 against 1 situation, even Torash would have had a headache from fighting them.

“I’ll stall him first; you prepare your formidable spell!”

Saurun said to the female acolyte and immediately reached out with his right hand.

At this moment, the silver skin on his right hand shimmered and transformed into scales. His fingernails extended and curved downwards, the sharpness bringing a cold glint. His whole silvery human palm turned into silvery beast claw!

A bloodthirsty tint emerged in Saurun’s eyes as he stepped forward to shield the female blonde acolyte behind him.

As for the female blonde acolyte, she continuously drew out ingredients from her robes as she chanted, from time to time using a dagger to cut her skin, dripping her fresh blood on the magic ingredients.

A strong magical energy wave gradually formed around the female blonde acolyte.

“How interesting. A close combat with a far cast, this is indeed a good combination!”

Leylin laughed manically and charged forward.

* Bang! * With the effect of Leylin’s Knight qualities, Saurun only saw a grey blur and could only instinctively reach out with his razor claw.

* Peng! * The frost greatsword and the silver claw clashed. An icy, bone-chilling cold permeated to the silver claw, extending onto Saurun’s body.

“So fast!” Saurun retreated several steps and hid the silver claw behind his back.

Borrowing the concealment of his sleeves, there was a layer of frost which slowly climbed up his arm, until the point of his elbow.

“Haha…. Great! Again!”

Leylin roared wildly, once again brandishing the greatsword and charged forward. Sensing the faint aura about him, Saurun couldn't help but close his eyes, with a notion of wanting to submit to Leylin.

“Cross Blade Slash!”

Leylin hollered, the frost greatsword drew a beautiful cross. What was different from the previous energy wave was that the Cross Blade Slash now had formed a layer of ice which was sent chopping towards Saurun.

“Argh!” Saurun’s eyes were bloodshot as he gritted his teeth and raised the silver claw before his body. The scales on the silvery claw quickly extended and took on the form of a small shield to block the attack.

* Chi! * The greatsword made a huge dent in Saurun’s silver defense. Not only were there white ice forming, the chilliness also permeated the area.

* Pu! * Saurun revoked his silver shield, but now, upon his silvery right hand, there were two deep wounds through which bones could be seen and a sheet of cold ice blocked this wound from bleeding.

An icy-cold sensation continuously spread within his body and Saurun was aghast upon having discovered that already his right hand was feeling numb as if it had lost all sensation and that his body movement had also become more and more restricted.


Leylin unhesitatingly brought the sword to Saurun’s neck in order to behead him.

“No!” bellowed Saurun, waving the stub of his left hand. His left hand had by now turned silver and the fingertips had a faint blackish tinge and he aimed a stab at Leylin’s abdomen.

Within the academy, all the apprentices knew that Saurun’s achievements in Transfiguration far exceeded that of other similar disciples and that his right hand could transform and become a sharp, incomparable killing machine.

However, all of the acolytes were deceived by Saurun. His left hand was the real trump card!

Not only could he use beast transfiguration for his silver-claw attack, it even had a Shadow and Toxic element that Saurun had paid a high price for. As long as the poison were to be smeared onto the opponent’s skin, even an official Magus would be in trouble!

On the brink of death, Saurun adopted a fighting method that would result in both parties being severely injured, for the sliver of a chance at survival!

* Peng! *

Leylin’s expression was grim as he allowed the razor sharp claw to scratch his body. At the same time, the frost greatsword swung down mercilessly as it severed Saurun’s head from his neck.

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