Chapter 948

Faith Totem

“You’re just in time. I’ve given Karen a tranquilising potion, and she should be starting on the road to recovery. Bring them all back to Pirates’ Cove!” Leylin stowed a test tube into a box where things were carefully separated.

“We’re going back? Then what about you?” Isabel asked in surprise.

“This place is very interesting, I’m getting ready for some extended research. There needs to be someone overseeing things at Pirates’ Cove…” There was a fanatical expression in Leylin’s eyes. Most wizards liked to research all sorts of strange things, which was why Isabel was not the least bit suspicious.

Still, the danger she’d experienced before had made her rather anxious, “But things are too dangerous here…”

“Don’t worry, wizards always make preparations for this. I’ll also need you to send me some magic materials and daily essentials periodically.”

Whether it was the confidence in his tone or his successful rescue of her...

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