Chapter 947


Blood Explosion wasn’t sorcery. It was an unknown spell recorded in Dragon King’s Mystic Might that allowed a Dragon Warlock to burn their bloodline in exchange for ultimate strength. It was something used when left without choice, a decision to make when in complete despair.

While the blood fog hindering the chilly fog, Isabel now had a path of escape. However, she had now reverted to her human form and could no longer transform. On top of that, the areas that had been covered in dragon scales turned into a mass of bruises.

However, her desire to survive still pushed her to advance forth in the fog forest.

“So I can’t hold on anymore?” The haemorrhaging blood and injuries caused everything to blur, and it all turned into darkness.

“Hm? Boss!” Before collapsing, the last thing she heard was a voice of surprise.


“Ugh… I’m not dead yet?” Isabel raised her right arm...

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