Chapter 946


“With how powerful Magi who comprehend laws are, just a fragment should contain a portion of his conscient and memories. There might even be a chance of getting some inheritance…” Leylin muttered, “I must get that Nightmare Wizard’s inheritance!”

Dreamforce had always interested Leylin. The A.I. Chip stored the progress on his work the data from his continued experiments. He’d never given up studying it.

Rank 7 Magi needed to grasp powerful laws, while rank 8s needed to find their own path to fuse these laws, using a certain power as the base.

Leylin’s goal was immortality, and he had definitely considered the future properly. If possible, he definitely wanted to use the origin forces from the Magus World and World of Gods to fuse his own laws. It was a pity that this was impossible. He might alarm the two World Wills, and on top of that there were other existences...

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