Chapter 945

Nightmare Island

As a special envoy from the native kingdom, Agigikro had also brought a batch elite fighters with him.

This included the Forest Hunters and Amazon Warriors. They were the ones who had attacked and held Isabel as well as her underlings back, and forced them into the dangerous forest.

Now, however, a youth had suddenly broken through all these people’s defences and arrived at the core circle. He was even threatening the safety of the two leaders here, so how could they not be furious and terrified?

Along with Agigikro’s enraged yell, countless Forest Hunters brandished the lances in their hands and, alongside the Amazon Warriors with strange tattoos on their bodies, immediately surrounded Leylin. The sharp weapons even formed a storm that aimed to tear Leylin to shreds.

However, Leylin’s expression was rather interesting. He cared little for these enemies and instead stared unblinkingly at the crystal in his hands, as if it was the only thing that matt...

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