Chapter 944


“Ready a ship and men. I’m going to leave immediately!” Since he had confirmed the location, Leylin would obviously go on a rescue mission immediately. Robin Hood and Ronald listened respectfully. Not long after, they had everything prepared…

A day later. Isabel had just met her life’s largest crisis in the rainforest.

“What… what the heck is this?” A powerful draconic aura spread out, and a few black monsters were burnt to ashes.

These black monsters had a strong, dark-red fog around them. They were shaped weirdly, as if formed of soil.

*Rustle… Rustle…* Even if it was burnt off by the flames, the dark red gas gathered once more to spawn more monsters.

“Damn it! They can’t die?” Karen used her dagger and pierced into a monster with three human heads, one each belonging to an elderly, a middle-aged man and a youth. However, the injuries quickly recovered and even swallowed...

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