Chapter 942


“First ensure the safety of the shipping routes. If there are those you can’t deal with, make a record of them and leave them to me!” Leylin went through things to take note of and then ended the communication.

“With the expansion of the outer seas, there should still be many left even after eliminating those too powerful or with powerful backings.” Leylin’s eyes glinted with wit, immediately recalling the barbarian altar from before.

“I don’t need that many. As long as I find around 10 of the natives’ sacrificial areas like that of the barbarian tribe, the accumulated energy should be enough for me to advance and even get close to the realm of legendaries…”

Leylin willed it, and the outer seas immediately grew lively. With the Scarlet Tigers taking the lead, numerous pirates yelled out as they swept through the native islands close to important shipping routes.

Besides those with powerful backers...

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