Chapter 941


Leylin’s progress slowed once he became a rank 17 arcanist. He performed experiments on negative energy and other planes everyday within his wizard tower, and occasionally taught some apprentices. He led a leisurely life.

As he possessed crucial techniques and strength, he was not in the least bit anxious. And just as he expected, others could no longer hold themselves back.

“Lord Baron… Were you really the one to create these three spells? Detect Demon, Detect Domain, and Sense Devil?”

Xena did not seem to be in the best mental state. There were dark bags under her beautiful eyes, and it was apparent that she hadn’t had a good rest in a long time. For her, this was something unthinkable.

“Yes!” Leylin answered with a smile, and he then saw Xena’s eyes that were full of shock and astonishment that she could not hide.

“The many gods will definitely notice your contributions to the World of Gods!” After obtaining an affirmation, Xena immediately guaranteed.


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