Chapter 940

Intermediate Perfect Body

Within a dim room. Powerful golden divine force was raging like stormy waves as it gushed out of a small statue. It was then absorbed by a huge black vortex in mid-air. Completely transformed, a pure energy gathered at the body of a quiet figure sitting there.

Powerful divine force condensed to form a faint figure of light, a thread of divinity sparkling as it emerged.

‘The analysis of divine force has slowly given me information over divinity…’ Leylin pondered over this. In the eyes of Magi, this so-called godhood was merely an elementary understanding of the power of laws.

A true god had comprehended one law completely. From there, one would ignite their godfire to join the ranks of the other true gods, a process improving comprehension of laws as they grasped them.

“But… The World of Gods has unique rules of their own. With the power of faith,...

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