Chapter 94


“I don’t believe you. You must have said it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Torash’s pair of cunning eyes flitted to the back of Leylin.

“Did you see that, after listening to your words, your little girlfriend is extremely heartbroken!”

“How lame!” Leylin did not even turn back.

“However, it’s time to end this!” Leylin looked up the sky, and the light rays were even brighter than dawn.

Magicians were intelligent beings. By threatening Leylin, Torash only harboured a negligible hope. His main purpose was most likely to stall for time until other acolytes could support him.

The Abyssal Bone Forest Academy acolytes in the secret plane were at an extreme disadvantage. Now it was also the second day, and the enemy acolytes would have already gathered. Once Leylin was discovered, a scene of calling and shouting for him to be killed would happen.

At that time, the innumerable spells which could cover the sky and earth would rain upon him. Even if Leylin had the Fallen Star Pendant, its energy was limited.

“What end?”

A few ingredients appeared in Torash’s hands, as he stepped several steps backwards.

“Of course, it is to end this silly game!”

Leylin’s eyes flashed and chanted an incantation.

* Sssii! * A reddish-green gas spread across upon the icy ground.

When the frost and a thin layer of mist came in contact with the red gas, the temperature of the battlefield rose immediately by a few degrees.

As for the green mist, it continued to spread across the field. The visibility lowered immediately, and one could not see beyond a 3 metres radius.

“This is a spell I specially prepared for you, Flaming Cloud of Afterlife!”

Leylin spoke softly. Earlier when he exchanged senseless sentences with the opponent, he was actually wildly using the A.I. Chip for calculations. Furthermore, he set up the field, planting various types of ingredients in it.

“Just a mere corroding gas!”

Torash disdained it. On his whole body, there raged a blue current. If one described the current on his body as just a thin layer before, now it could be said to have already expanded to be 1 centimetre thick.

“Go!” Torash pointed, and the blue current directly charged into the reddish-green mist.

* Sssii! *

Where the electricity went, the reddish green gas evaporated, revealing the area around it.

However, Torash’s smug face was not maintained for more than a moment before it changed.

“This energy wave! You! You are not some level 1 acolyte, but a level 3 acolyte!”

From the centre of the reddish-green gas, energy fluctuations could be blatantly felt. His own electric snake was immediately corroded by the green mist. Furthermore, a trace of green colour continuously extended along the trajectory of the lightning towards Torash.

“No!” Torash gave a profound look to Leylin who was in the midst of clouds and mist and then simply broke into a run.

Leylin swung his arms and a green magic ring entirely enveloped Torash and he slowed down as if he was bound by chains.

*Sssii!!* A red-green smoky cloud spread close to Torash and it wrapped itself around his body.

The smoke grew denser and soon, Leylin could not even see Torash.

* Crackle! * Under the Flaming Cloud of Afterlife came the sounded of lightning and thunder sounds, along with Torash’s cries of anguish.

Leylin smiled coldly. This Cloud of Afterlife had been modified by Leylin, and was specially inserted with the most conducive energy particles for the Lightning element. It could be said that it was the bane of all Lightning element acolytes!

After hearing the wails within the Cloud of Afterlife, and the noises of flesh corroding, a disturbed expression appear on Bicky’s face.

“Argh! I’m going to kill you!”

A dozen seconds later, Torash charged out of the Cloud of Afterlife at Leylin, bringing a ball of cloud that clung to his body.

“Ah!” After seeing Torash’s appearance, Bicky and the other acolyte let out a terrified scream.

At this moment, Torash was half-naked, with his clothing almost dissolved. On his body were many abscesses which were leaking with thick yellow pus.

One of his eyeballs had fallen out of its socket, held hanging there by a few bloody tissues still attached to it.

Along with a few missing pieces of flesh on his face, right now Torash looked like an imitation of Leylin’s corpse from the previous world.

“Although acolytes can use energy particles to strengthen their vitality, such a strong life force is still extremely rare!”

Leylin stretched his hands, and a black wrist guard automatically extended its reach, finally turning into a black bow where a sharp arrow with a reverse spike was notched on it.

[Wind speed and humidity in calculation, adjusting trajectory!]

Under the aid of the A.I. Chip, right now Leylin’s archery skills were that of a bow master.

* Chi Xiu Xiu!* Four arrows were shot from the bow and like black rays of light, streaked across the sky, directly penetrated through Torash’s 4 limbs, nailing him to the ground.

“Urgh Urgh!” Torash struggled. The flesh on his body continuously fell to the ground, and it seemed that even his voice was now affected. Right now, he could not even voice a single word.

“We... Won?” Looking at this scene, Bicky’s eyes looked somewhat bewildered.

“En! It’s us who won, but there are still some things to do!”

Leylin notched his bow again and pointed to the girl beside Bicky, “What’s your name?”

“Mo...Molly! Sir!” Witnessing Leylin using the Cloud of Afterlife to torture Torash in such an unthinkable manner, the female acolyte yielded very quickly.

“Very good! Molly! Go up there and take down the severed head of the enemy who tried to murder your friend!”

“No! You can't do this! Molly is still a kid! I! I will be able to do it for her….”

Bicky stood up.

* Xiu! * At the same time, an arrow shot past the fine hair beside her ears, flying to a distance behind.

“Do not countermand my orders. If not, the next arrow will be through your brain!” Leylin’s eye flashed coldly, seemingly fiendish.

“I will go!” That female acolyte called Molly spoke up and Bicky turned silent.

“I like girls who are obedient!” Leylin nodded his head and used an arrow to point at Torash who was thrashing on the ground. “So then! Hurry and do it!”

The female acolyte gritted her teeth. She took out a knife which was embedded in jewels from her robes and walked forward. Looking on at Torash who was pinned to the ground on his four limbs by four arrows, her expression was extremely complicated.

It was this person, who was deemed as a potential Magus, a genius acolyte who possessed a magic artifact. However, right now his four limbs were pinned to the ground as if a dog that was waiting to be slaughtered.

This feeling extended like vines, spreading its reach in her heart. “Is this the taste of power? How great!”

Looking at the female acolyte raising her dagger, Leylin moved quickly and grabbed Bicky, retreating dozens of metres behind.

“Let me go, you sick pervert!” Bicky continuously thrashed.

From her aspect, this acolyte that Leylin shapeshifted into was a stranger to her. Yet he had an unthinkable power and he was extremely emotionless.

Earlier he said that he was rescuing her, yet in the blink of an eye he pointed an arrow at her and even fired it!

In Bicky’s heart, right now Leylin was now a somewhat powerful madman.

Moreover, in the Magus World, due to problems occurring from experiment and meditations, it was likely possible that their mental state was affected.

Leylin shrugged his shoulders. After maintaining a distance away, he let go of Bicky.

At this moment, both their eyes were shining bright and staring at the female acolyte who was holding a dagger before Torash.

“Too rash! Too rash! The winning rate that the A.I. Chip provided earlier was not considered high. Moreover, it said that I could only kill this acolyte after paying the price of sustaining light injuries. However, right now he is just a piece of flesh on a chopping board! For me to butcher!”

“Unless… There are some unknown trump cards on his body!” Leylin’s intelligent eyes gazed.

After holding the dagger, Molly looked in Leylin’s direction again. Right now the arrow notched in his bow was still aimed towards her. She could only despair as she closed her eyes and pierced the dagger downwards!

“What a pity!” At this moment, Torash suddenly opened his eyes, revealing death and unresolved regrets in his eyes.

“I never thought that I would really use this move one day, much less to deal with a mere level 2 acolyte!”

* Boom! *

In his voice, countless lightning appeared from Torash’s body. These lightning were extremely violent, and spread through Torash’s body in an instant, even converging inward.

After the lightning had reached an extremely small dot, Torash’s body suddenly exploded, with the noise of the huge boom reverberating throughout the area.

The sound wave continuously swept past everything, uprooting plants and sending pebbles flying.

“Be careful!” In the moment when the explosion occurred, Leylin immediately pulled Bicky to his side and smashed a potion on the ground - Trevor's Revolving Shield Potion!

At the same time, the Fallen Star Pendant on his neck also emitted a dusky glow.

Under the protection of the potion and the layer of light, the ground under Leylin and Bicky was not touched the slightest. It was even taller than the surrounding area of a certain length.

[Estimated target’s degree of power: 16! spell type - Corpse Combustion: 45.7%, Electric Field: 34.5%]

Looking at the data from the A.I. Chip, Leylin finally understood how did the A.I. Chip come up with the winning rate.

Although he had the Fallen Star Pendant, it could only resist spells which were 15 degrees or lower. As for Torash’s final self-destruct explosion, it was obviously at 16 degrees, which could break the defence of the Fallen Star Pendant and cause harm to Leylin.

However, the last hit was done by Molly, while Leylin distanced himself dozens of metres behind. Not only did he suffer little collateral damage from the explosion, there was even time to put up his defenses.

“However, a degree of 16 huh? It is already close to that of a Magus value, he is indeed a top acolyte from a large faction!”

Towards his dead enemies, Leylin never spared his praises for them.

“You murderer! Executioner! You knew long ago that the opponent would self-destruct, didn’t you?”

Bicky who was in Leylin’s embrace pushed him away, her pair of pretty eyes filled with tears.

The ground where Torash self-destructed turned into a large pit now; together with bits and pieces of clothing and charred flesh. In the explosion earlier, Torash and that female acolyte, Molly, naturally had died together. Even the remnants of their corpses were mixed together.

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