Chapter 937

Divine Force

“Jesfano, that piece of trash. Not only did he die, he also lost the master’s token…” The old man’s voice was incredibly hoarse, and it held an unendurably strange tone as he pointed out an earth-shattering fact.

“What? That happened at the Dambrath outer seas?” These black-robed priests exchanged glances, seeing shock in all of their eyes.

They were unwilling to think about what had happened to Jesfano.

In the Underdark, the druid elves that angered the spider empress Lolth would turn into terrifying half-spider monsters. For Jesfano, whose soul was in the hands of his god, he would be in a worse state.

Even the black-robed priests felt sorrowful on his behalf., but it didn’t last for long. The old man slowly scanned them, the whites of his eyes brightening slightly, “Jesfano was already a high-ranked priest. We’ll have to dispatch a legendary to be able to find out what happened. Who’s free right now?”

One of the priests muttered to himself,...

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