Chapter 936


*Buzz!* The statue of the god began to rumble, divine force rippling like waves in water. It was as if it was about to come alive.

However, with the external activation not coming forth, the pendant restlessly shook a few times and then unwillingly stilled, losing its sheen.

”The divine summoning failed, huh. Apart from the divine force here, there is also the presence of the divine kingdom’s coordinates and even the conscient of a god...” Leylin muttered.

At this moment, he felt an extremely bitter conscient radiating great power from the pendant, as if its rage was about to overflow.

‘I’d need to worry if this was the true body, even if it’s an avatar… But what’s a trifling conscient like this?’ Leylin harrumphed, and a Targaryen phantom appeared in his eyes.

”Hss!” The conscient of a near rank 7 descended, annihilating all signs of the conscient lingering in the pendant. Just before that conscient dissipated, the raging divine force calmed down...

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