Chapter 935


“I’m sorry, dear cousin! At this point, it’s better to get things done before we discuss things…” Leylin waved his arm, and another teleportation door opened.

Isabel stepped out of the teleportation door and immediately heard the uproar from the surroundings, as well as enraged shouts. Without any excess movements, she activated her bloodline abilities and the hidden techniques of the Red Dragon Sword

Dragon Aura Domain! Fireball! The legendary dragon’s spiritual domain and blazing fire rumbled, causing all the pirates to cry out miserably as they were sent flying. There were traces of charring all over their bodies.

The other pirates in the distance were also shrieking as they lay immobile on the ground. There was no way out for the weak in the face of the spiritual domain of dragon aura, and they would only be massacred by their enemies.

In actuality, the dragon aura of a regular dragon was still just average. One from...

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