Chapter 934


“As long as we reign over the outer seas, there will be no lack of challengers…” Leylin smiled, “This time, it’s only a few little mice who overestimate themselves… Ronald, how do you think we should deal with them?”

“Of course we cut off their heads and claws, storing them in oil bottles. No mercy!” Ronald answered with a murderous spirit. The law of the pirates dictated one sentence for those who dared challenge one’s status and loot— death!


The shadows of sails danced about as numerous sailors and pirates yelled in their attempts to control them. The ships were being rowed in a bid to have them sail more quickly.

A bishop was frowning on the largest ship, having a bad feeling about the situation.

“Speed this up, Rogers. We need to hurry there as soon as possible!”

“I understand, master,” A pirate captain next to the bishop answered respectfully, “But this is the fastest we can go…”

“Is that so? Then why is it that the Scarlet Tiger and the Barbarians’ Tsunami can go faster than eighteen knots?” The bishop frowned.

‘They’re large pirate groups! Their main battleships have been enchanted!’ Rogers didn’t dare speak his thoughts. He hesitated for a while, answering as if put in a spot, “Those are individual abilities, and they have nothing to do with the speed of the fleet…”

“No, no. You’re all trying to deceive the mighty God of Murder and his priests!” The bishop watched Rogers, facial muscles contorting to become incomparably sinister.

“No, that’s not it… Master, my loyalty to our god… No, please forgive me! Please forgive me!” The captain had seen the ruthless methods of the bishop. Horror immediately dawned on his face, and he knelt down.

This accusation was not something trivial. The bishop had grown bloodthirsty and insane recently, occasionally killing people for small matters. Rogers began to regret responding to the call.

*Pu!* However, even as he begged for forgiveness, a black dagger slashed through his throat. His windpipe was cut apart, and large amounts of blood spurted out. Rogers’ eyes rolled back, his hands grasping at his throat tightly. Blood unceasingly flowed from between his fingers, causing guttural groans from his throat.

The struggles of the dying man ended quickly. The pirates around the place froze, beginning to wish they could hide their heads in their chests. Their captain, who’d been lively and frisky all this while, had been turned into a corpse in an instant.

The bishop glanced at the first mate. “Dispose of him, and increase our speed. Any questions?”

The first mate had been scared stupid, but once he saw the chill in the bishop’s eyes he immediately sobered up. “No– None at all! I guarantee you, my Lord, there’s no issue at all!” he shouted.

“Then go, or you’ll share the same fate.” The bishop waved his arms, no longer caring about those pirates who were doing everything in their capabilities. Gazing into the distance, he had a profound look in his eyes.

“Damn it! That darned little noble! I shouldn’t have let him off during the Pirates’ Tide!” The bishop’s plan had been perfect, where he would provoke both sides and help the weaker one. Once the Scarlet Tigers and Barbarian Pirates weakened, his team would gobble up these two organisations and become the kings of the outer sea.

He even had plans to unify the dark world and make the outer seas independent, constructing a divine kingdom in these seas.

However, all of this had been wrecked by the darned noble. Veins began to show in the bishop’s eyes. He’d never thought that the noble would be so gutsy as to kill the emissary he had dispatched.

“Such a fearless and disrespectful being. He must be executed immediately, and his soul nailed to the wall of the faithless as he howls in anguish…” As a religious person, the bishop immediately loathed Leylin with all his heart.

A person who held no respect for the gods could never become a lamb of his master. If Leylin could not be subdued in terms of his mind, then he would have to destroy his body.

This was how power had worked since ancient times. Still, the bishop had no idea that the gods were also just as fearless when young. They shared the same belief as all the heroes whose names remained in historical records. Without success, they may as well just roll off a cliff and join the corroding soil beneath.

Although he did not know of this concept, the bishop was determined to draw blood. He wanted to eliminate this being as soon as possible.

“There’s still time. The Barbarians must have just fought them… Even if my plans are slightly affected, the Barbarians’ strength should be enough to cause immense damage to the other side. When the time comes…” The bishop was immersed in his fantasies.

Suddenly, he gaped at a massive number of sails on the horizon. The bloody skull and dagger of the Scarlet Tigers took the lead, causing all the pirates to grow restless.

Gods! The Scarlet Tigers were the finest pirate organisation in the outer seas. They had heard of their rise to fame and power, and it was impossible not to feel stress when confronting them.

*Rumble!* The Scarlet Tigers unhesitatingly opened fire. The many ships were like table knives cutting into butter as they split the fleet apart.

The lowest pirates depended on elite troops and morale. In contrast, the Scarlet Tigers wished to leave their opponents far behind. They possessed an unequalled confidence in themselves, gained from cutting off the heads of countless enemies.

“Do you see it now?” Leylin handed the command to Ronald and Robin Hood. After all, his specialty was spellcasting. With how long he’d been away, he was unfamiliar with his crew.

Those looking to improve themselves knew their flaws, and did their best to make up for them. If he was not suited to some roles, Leylin would choose people to control who were better at them. Someone who wanted to do everything well would only tire themselves to death.

“Seems like Robin Hood and Ronald are doing very well!” Leylin said to Isabel who was next to him, laughing out.

“They’re people you nurtured. Are you trying to brag about your extraordinary foresight?” Isabel was actually very astonished. Leylin seemed to have a pair of special eyes, and he would never go wrong when it came to judging people. Still, her reply had been in a huff as she didn’t want her cousin to grow too cocky.

“No! I just…” Just as Leylin was preparing to answer, his expression suddenly changed and he abruptly pushed Isabel aside. A translucent figure arrived before him, as if traversing through space.

This was Shadow Jump! It was a powerful ability belonging to high-ranked assassins, a technique that could only be comprehended by those nearing the legendary realm. It allowed one to use the shadow dimension to shift locations, attacking enemies instantly.

This ability was basically everyone’s nightmare. Leylin was a wizard now in close quarters combat with an ambushing assassin. The result was obvious.

The high-ranked assassin didn’t reveal any excess movements. Not even the elation of completing his mission entered his eyes, only a look of apathy and deadness on his face. A powerful black dagger, laced with curses, pierced through Leylin’s defences and entered his heart.

“NOOO!” Isabel immediately turned crazy, entering her half-dragon form as she pounced over towards them. Only when his weapon hit flesh and scalding blood burst out did a glimmer arise in the eyes of the assassin. A burst of strength exploded from his right hand as he planned to draw the dagger and leave.

After all, an assassin couldn’t take a high-ranked swordsman head on. He had assassinated the leader of the opposing side, and that was enough.

Much to his surprise, the assassin couldn’t take the dagger out. He froze in place, stunned to see fleshy sprouts appearing in this ‘Leylin’s’ chest. They were like plant vines, bundling the dagger up tightly.

That dazed moment left the assassin with no avenue for escape. ‘Leylin’s’ chest exploded as numerous bloody tendrils burst towards him, binding him tightly. They were already trying to pierce through his skin like suckers, absorbing fresh blood.

“Necromancy? No, no…” A shocked, coarse voice sounded from under the assassin’s veil.

“That’s just a Flesh Puppet, a spell I made just for you!” A portal opened to reveal the real Leylin.

“You should be the same high-ranked assassin that assassinated numerous bishops during the Pirates’ Tide, no? This is a rather great gift!”

“So you’ve already become a high-ranked wizard!” The assassin’s eyes did not fluctuate at all, and he allowed the vines to control his body. It seemed that he had lost all will to escape.

“Stop pretending. I can see all your methods!” Leylin spoke coldly, and numerous spells shot out. With Dimensional Anchor locking onto the assassin, even the shadow plane had been sealed.

“Damn it… you!” With his trump card seen through, the assassin was no longer as relaxed. Leylin then killed him with a Finger of Death.

“Bastard, do you know how worried I was for you? At least discuss it with me beforehand!”

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