Chapter 934


“As long as we reign over the outer seas, there will be no lack of challengers…” Leylin smiled, “This time, it’s only a few little mice who overestimate themselves… Ronald, how do you think we should deal with them?”

“Of course we cut off their heads and claws, storing them in oil bottles. No mercy!” Ronald answered with a murderous spirit. The law of the pirates dictated one sentence for those who dared challenge one’s status and loot— death!


The shadows of sails danced about as numerous sailors and pirates yelled in their attempts to control them. The ships were being rowed in a bid to have them sail more quickly.

A bishop was frowning on the largest ship, having a bad feeling about the situation.

“Speed this up, Rogers. We need to hurry there as soon as possible!”

“I understand, master,” A pirate captain next to the bishop answered respectfully, “But this is the fastest we can go…...

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