Chapter 933


At this moment, the victor of another battle had been decided as well.

Seeing that the fight would drag on, Isabel had cast Dragon’s Breath without hesitation. Her flaming scales formed a dazzling armour that seemed like a bunch of fresh flowers, making her look like a valkyrie.

As a Dragon Warlock, she inherited the spellcasting abilities of a red dragon. On top of that, the bloodline Isabel possessed was that of a legendary dragon, boosting her power greatly.

The frantic flames consumed Odge in a flash, his barbaric toughness and determination unable to stop his painful wails.

*Schlick!* Isabel had activated the Red Dragon Sword immediately as well, and light flashed as Odge’s powerful enchanted sabre was broken apart.

Its obstacle removed, the Red Dragon Sword pierced into Odge’s heart without any reluctance. Flames blazed, immediately destroying all the vital organs in his body.

“AAH…” Odge lowered his head with great...

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