Chapter 932

Mage’s Sword

Outer seas, on board the Barbarians’ ship.

“AGH…” Odge suddenly dropped to his knees, roaring in pain.

“Dear, what’s the matter?” Madam Tillen rushed to his side and helped him up.

“My family’s sacrificial altar… It’s gone! The response has been completely cut off…” Odge spat out the words through gritted teeth, and the implications in his statement made Tillen pale in response.

“We haven’t caught up to them?” After they had received the news, Odge had immediately set off. However, they had to conceal their movements and the barbarian lands in Fire Scale Island were very far from Pirates’ Cove.

Originally, this had been done for their own safety. But something like this happening would make it extremely difficult to mount a rescue.

“We must avenge them!” Tillen bit her lip so hard that a trickle of blood spilled out. Since their sacrificial altar had been destroyed, it was obvious what had befallen the members of their tribe.

Her heart dropped. It wasn’t just one or two barbarians that had...

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