Chapter 931


The raging flames continued to blaze. The piercing screams and wails never ended, accompanied by the roars and manic laughter of pirates.

Barbarian corpses piled up in this place one after the other, the blood splitting to form little streams. Once Leylin decided to attack this place, the Barbarian tribe was completely done for.

As Odge had taken most of the strong and the young, all that were left behind were a bunch of frail, elderly, female or children beings. It could be said that in front of these vicious pirates, resistance was pointless.

“This barbarian tribe seems to hold some secrets…” Leylin touched his chin, a devilishly charming smile on his face as he arrived at the heart of the tribe.

The sacrifices were made here, but it was to some unknown god. A large piece of obsidian was carved into a firm altar, on which there was a large animal skin flag and strange crimson runes.

In front of the altar were a...

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