Chapter 930


“Kill him,” Leylin indifferently waved his arm, as if he were chasing a house fly away.

“Why?” Arfo’s expression immediately changed, his body flashing with the undulations of a teleportation scroll.

However, the bright light shattered immediately, leaving him in despair. Numerous weapons struck out. One filled with red qi, which was almost on par with a legendary dragon, immediately made mincemeat out of this emissary.

Only after they subconsciously acted did the pirates respond, bodies beginning to tremble slightly. Dear gods! They had actually killed the priest of an actual deity! While the pirates were capable of anything evil under the sun, they still held reverence for the gods.

“Isn’t this just a priest? If he’s dead, he’s dead. There’s something more terrifying than this to deal with next…” Leylin clapped his hands indifferently. Red flames descended and burnt the body to ashes, causing the pirates to feel as if they were in a dream.

“So, his information...

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