Chapter 93


Leylin clenched his fist tightly — the hand grasping the sword hilt was clearly somewhat stiff.

His face appeared pale and petrified as if he had gotten frostbite.

One must know that Leylin had a vitality of 3.7. If it was any regular human, they would have long since frozen to death!

“I don’t have any intention to go against you. As long as you let go of those two girls, I will leave immediately!”

Leylin used the cross blade and pointed at Bicky’s direction, in return for her grateful gaze.

“No! Get him to release senior Jayden, if not I’m not leaving!”

The girl beside Bicky, who was saved, still maintained her resolve.

Leylin rolled his eyes, if not for Bicky; did she really think that he would appear in the name of justice? Moreover, looking at the situation again, Jayden had apparently deeply offended the other party previously, so why would he let go of Jayden so easily?

As expected, after listening to the female acolyte, Torash’s gaze turned frostier, and immediately he waved his hand. A thick and long lightning streaked across the sky, directly landing onto Jayden.

* Bang! * The vines on Jayden’s body fell and he fainted. Moreover, his whole body turned into a black colour, as if like a pile of scorched rubble.

“My apologies, I don’t wish to let anyone present go today!”

Torash waved his hands.

According to the A.I. Chip’s detection, although Jayden’s outer appearance seemed to be terrifying, there was still a life force pulsating in him. Therefore, Leylin did not bother anymore about him. Instead, Leylin was more cautious about this acolyte in front of him.

“A Lightning element is indeed one of the stronger powers. Although Jayden’s magic artifact belongs to an attack type with minimal defense, he was still defeated so quickly! No, it could be that the other party had been toying with him the same way a cat would with a mouse!”

“Now, it is my turn!”

Torash, who was on the other side charged directly at him and brandished a short black staff in his hand.

“Hng! Trying to be mystifying!” Leylin snorted and used the cross blade to slash at him.

* Peng! * The two weapons clashed. Under the frost effect, Leylin speed unavoidably took a slower turn. The original mirage effect could now not be used by him, where Torash caught dozens of his sword slashes.

Leylin’s strength was obviously higher than his opponent, and his cross blade was of superior quality to his opponent’s short metal staff.

After the two weapons clanged, Leylin used the force in both his arms and pressed the sword down on his opponent.

“Hehe… Your strength isn't too bad!”

Although the blade was just centimetres away from his face, there was no fear on Torash face. Looking at Leylin, his gaze held some ridicule and… the savage thrill of retaliation?

Leylin felt something was amiss, and hurriedly let go of the cross blade as he jumped away.

In that very moment when he released his hands, several bolts of lightning extended from Torash’s arms and shot at the cross blade, even up to Leylin’s hands!

In the moment when the lightning current was about to hit him, Leylin forwent his sword and evaded the attack.

“Too late! Torash looked at Leylin’s figure and chanted an incantation.

The current from the staff directly bore through the mud and extended like the root of a tree. In the blink of an eye, it caught up to Leylin.

* Zzzii! “Once the black lightning landed on the ground, it reappeared from the ground right in front of Leylin.

As if a poisonous snake, the blue lightning charged at Leylin.

“Ah!” Bicky who was on the other side involuntarily screamed and she clasped her mouth.

* Ping! * Suddenly, a layer of silver membrane appeared on Leylin’s body.

This layer of membrane immediately draped over Leylin’s whole body covering every inch, even his orifices were not left out.

On the silvery membrane, there were several pale reflections of flickering red jewels, giving off a mystical lustre.

The blue lightning took on the shape of a python with a crazed leer and opened its jaws. Lightning-made razor-sharp teeth directly bit on the membrane.

* Sssii Sssii! *

A similar sound to metal smashing porcelain was heard, and the ear piercing noise travelled across the whole battlefield. Bicky involuntarily covered her ears, to let her nerves calm down.

The lightning on Leylin’s body exploded, and from time to time a few poisonous-snake-like lightning currents converged and let off an explosive noise.

Looking on, Leylin seemed to be a silver statue, who was receiving the blessings of lightning bolts.

The lightning attack lasted for close to thirty seconds before it dissipated.

There was a shocked expression on Leylin’s face as he looked at the indication given by the A.I. Chip.

[... Host is subjected to Lightning-based attacks. Degree of power: 9! Fallen Star Pendant has automatically activated, energy consumed: 23.99%. Host has successfully blocked the attack and sustains no injuries!]

“Too careless!” The opponent’s lightning could actually pass through normal physical materials. Moreover, it could use the layer of frost on the ground as a conductor to initiate the attacks!

Leylin looked at his hands. Knowing that his opponent excelled in the Lightning element, Leylin had already put on leather gloves before the battle.

However, the hands that gripped the cross blade earlier were still rather numb.

There was also a precursive condition for the Fallen Star Pendant to be activated. Leylin had customised it to activate only when his life was in peril. Otherwise, any raindrop from the sky would activate the Fallen Star Pendant and finish the consumption of energy in the magic artifact.

Previously, because Leylin had let go of his sword early on, the damage from the electric current to his body was extremely little. It was not enough to achieve the criteria to activate the Fallen Star Pendant.

Of course, due to the conductivity, the lightning was too fast, and Leylin still received an attack from it in his hands.

At last, Leylin backed away and under his opponent’s chase, he suffered a 9 degree lightning attack. If he did not defend further, his life would be in peril. Hence, the criterion for the activation of Fallen Star Pendant was achieved, where a layer of membrane immediately appeared from his body.

The Fallen Star Pendant’s defense could negate attacks up to 15 degrees. This is to say, if Torash attack could not exceed this degree, Leylin’s body was like a turtle shell until the energy of the Fallen Star Pendant was depleted.

“How is this possible?” Gazing at Leylin who seemed injured, Torash’s mouth was opened widely, enough to fit several duck eggs in it.

“This is an attack my professor has personalised for me. It complements with my affinity and my degree of attack is at least 9! How could you be fine?”

“I understand now! You definitely must have a defensive magic artifact on your body!” Black-haired Torash pondered and quickly understood the truth.

“Although it is only a low-grade defence magic artifact, there will definitely be many official Magi who will be interested in it….”

Torash licked his lips and a fervent greed appeared on his face.

For this bloodbath, both sides signed an agreement not to use any strength that was above an acolyte!

Any person, scroll of magic artifact which exceeded this criterion would be teleported out in a flash and had no chance of getting in the secret plane.

Although Leylin’s magic artifact was precious, it still belonged to the low-grade series.

In Leylin’s eyes, these low-grade magic artifacts had might below that of official Magi.

Any rank 1 spell’s degree of attack was 20 and above. If Leylin used the Fallen Star Pendant to block against them, he would definitely be slain immediately, not leaving a trace behind.

However, amongst the acolytes, the Fallen Star Pendant was a divine item!

Furthermore, even an official Magus would not mind having an extra layer of defense, no matter how small it was. However, the defence from Fallen Star Pendant was activated from the pendant and did not affect the owner in one bit.

The value of a low-grade defence magic artifact was at least 5 times that of Jayden’s attack type magic artifact!

Which is to say, right now, besides the A.I. Chip, the most valuable thing that Leylin had was this magic artifact!

“Kill him! Kill him! Then that magic artifact is mine!”

Torash’s eyes turned bloodshot, “Even if it is a magic artifact, there is a limitation. Once it's depleted of energy, before the next recharge, it would be a piece of trash! However, could I last until that long?”

“Even if I’m unable to keep him here today, I can gather other students to chase after him… Wait a minute, maybe there is a better idea?”

After seeing the Fallen Star Pendant, Torash did not harbour any hopes of holding Leylin here today. However, the flames of desire slowly invaded his logic.

Suddenly, Torash saw Bicky who was behind Leylin and his eyes flashed as he made a proposition.

“You! You are very concerned with the green-haired girl behind right?” Torash questioned, “Don’t deny it; jumping out to save her is the best proof!”

“So what?” Leylin’s brows furrowed.

“Give me your magic artifact, and I’ll let her go. Not only that, even Jayden and the other girl, I’ll let them go too!” Torash licked his lips.

“Haha….” After hearing that unexpected speech, Leylin shook his head.

“Yes! I can’t keep you here today as you have the magic artifact. However, I can definitely retain the green haired girl, and even kill her….”

Torash changed his words to a threat.

“Please do!” Leylin stretched his hands and gestured.

“You… Why would you….” This reply made Torash extremely shock.

“I only have some involvement with her, which is why I wanted to rescue her. If the loss is too great, however, then it wouldn't be worth it! Furthermore, after I lose this defensive magic artifact, how can I still be able to haggle with you?”

Leylin looked at Torash with ridicule in his eyes.

He deeply understood that towards people making threats, you must never show that you are extremely mindful of the thing in their hands. If not, you would be baited into more and more demands.

Even if Torash really killed Bicky today, Leylin would only seek revenge for her another day. Therefore, if he wanted to use Bicky to threaten Leylin, there were only two words for it: dream on!

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