Chapter 928


“Those darned barbarians are the only forces with the guts to oppose us. Half a month ago, they even launched a surprise attack on one of our fleets and sunk three of our pirate ships…” Isabel looked glum, “Also, they even control Pirates’ Cove. We’re barred entry!

“That’s not all. I have a feeling that they have something to do with the cause of turmoil in the outer seas recently. I mean the power of the abyss and hell, as well as the church of the God of Murder…” The half-drow assassin, Karen, supplied.

The female assassin had hidden her aura and would now be a Professional of at least rank 10. Now, she was impatient to show off in front of Leylin. This was obviously inappropriate, and under Isabel’s gaze Karen quickly fell back.

“Interesting… Interesting…” Leylin sat upright. His devilish ability to grasp the hearts of others allowed him to understand his underlings’ state of mind easily.

‘Karen… She was discriminated...

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