Chapter 926

Legendary Item

The Barbarians had once been Leylin’s ally. However, with the defeat of Marquis Louis, the relationship between them had gradually turned into a competition. Leylin had no guilt whatsoever of beating them. If they had a chance, he was sure that they would do everything in their power to destroy his own organisation.

This was the law on the outer seas. Cruelty and logic prevailed, not allowing for a whit of emotion.

“Mm, the Barbarians are a large issue. When the imperial navy still existed, they lay low for a period of time. Now, though, they’re suddenly appearing and even attacking our commercial groups!”

Any huge merchant would hate these pirates to the bone. Only nobles could plunder, how dare those barbarians steal their things? Although there was a bias here, this was the general thought process.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be active for long!” Leylin promised.


“Good morning, Lord Wizard!”

In the blink of an...

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