Chapter 925


Powerful spell light shot forth from Leylin’s body, to Ernest’s shock. He’d only sensed this sort of terrifying, imposing aura and pressure from high-ranked wizards before.

Now, however, this had appeared on Leylin!

“A high– high-ranked wizard! Haha… I’m definitely dreaming! This is a dream, right?” He slapped himself so hard his face was swollen, but that didn’t allow him to wake up. He could only choose to accept this reality grudgingly.

“A rank 7 intellectual activation spell?” Leylin had chosen to hide his energy undulations before, and Ernest obviously did not have the ability to see through it. Even high-ranked priests would not be able to discover it.

‘While this spell can illuminate the entire wizard tower, the tower genie that’s generated will only be a low-ranked kind which won’t be all that intelligent. It won’t be able to become a wizard’s right hand man… Besides, I didn’t memorise this...

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