Chapter 924

Wizard Tower

Everything was happening in secret. The baron’s enemies were not so easily dealt with, and the person most qualified to do so was Leylin.

He now had control over the Scarlet Tigers and had even gotten rid of the Baltic archipelago. Baron Jonas had his suspicions about this, but the father and son maintained a tacit understanding and did not lay it bare.

“I understand!” Leylin nodded. In his opinion, the return of the Barbarians and the rise of the devils and demons was only to be expected. The period post calamity was a golden time for churches to expand, but so it was for demons and devils as well. The ripples caused by the Pirates’ Tide still hadn’t faded.

“And Cyric?” Leylin’s eyes shone. He had some things to settle with this church. What they had done before had left Leylin slightly discontent.

“I’d be at ease handing all this over to you. If there’s anything you need, do tell me. Prioritise...

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