Chapter 922


Leylin had found information regarding the arcanist ruins in the Dambrath Kingdom, using a book he’d found from decoding a map. Leylin now found something else from the information the A.I. Chip had copied.

The information that the A.I. Chip had recorded was complete, with the information on the spell models that arcanists had used among others. This included even personal diaries of some arcanists and the like.

There was some short poetry in the disordered data, something that most people would probably overlook.

No! In the short span of time it took for the pocket dimension to collapse, most adventurers would find it difficult to even find information on the arcanists, having to turn their heads. Only someone like Leylin who possessed the A.I. Chip could copy this information.

Along with these few poems were some recipes that caused Leylin to look disconcerted. Even if adventurers...

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