Chapter 919

Feast of Power

‘Has the feast for the division of power and party after the war already begun?’ After walking out of the Marquis’ mansion, Leylin sighed inside. After the fall of Silverymoon, the chaos in the north could be said to have ended.

With powerful defensive spells and numerous strong beings, Silverymoon did cause huge damage to the orc forces. Even the orc emperor Saladin had sustained grievous injuries and was now in a coma. It was said that he had only been able to retain his life because of the god’s possession.

After swallowing up Silverymoon and the surrounding regions, the orc armies now had no more strength to carry on south. With the trials and unions of war, an orc empire took shape and slowly established itself in the skeleton of Silverymoon. This was much more important than expansion.

Once they succeeded, this would also be a boost for the orc god Gruumsh. After all, he was the god of all orcs.

‘The human gods wouldn’t let the orcs head south...

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